Buying, selling, and financing real estate is unbelievably stressful and emotional. I mean come on, we’re talking about a lot of money, responsibility, and on top of it in most cases moving. You want Michael on your side to guide you through it. He’s got a ton of experience in life and the real estate industry, including finance. He has an uncanny ability to connect with people, hone in on what’s important to them, and provide viable solutions to whatever challenges come up. Even in the most difficult situations, he will take you from stressville to smiling and thanking yourself for having him on your side.

Enriching people’s lives over the last 16 years in the real estate industry is what drives Michael. He has spent his life and career studying what brings value and what doesn’t. Every interaction or transaction is an opportunity to demonstrate his passion for people to experience life differently and in the best way possible.

Michael has lived in the East Bay for 18 years where he’s raising his children, he’s happily married to the love of his life, Trisha, and loves being a grandpa. He stays in shape by playing sports, enjoying the delta recreational lifestyle, snowboarding the sierras, explores trails in the mountains, beaches or wherever he and his family go on their adventures.

“I literally live our 3E’s every day, striving to elevate, enrich and empower everyone I come into contact with.”

Michael is a licensed REALTOR® and Mortgage Loan Officer. He holds a Broker’s license with the California Department of Real Estate #01432940 & Mortgage lending license with the National Mortgage Licensing Service #251759